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Dried fruits for our wellbeing

Mara  di Noia, food therapist and Vegachef, speaks of nuts in the daily diet and its experience with Bugatti Vento.

That of dried fruits is a real world that guards important nutritional properties and unique tastes.
Personally, I have plenty of them and use them every day in my dishes.
Vento helps us preparing hazelnuts, almonds and pistachio nuts butters and spreads.
Walnuts, pistachio nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts, sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds…are all delicious.
This category of food becomes more recurring in our week when we start to eat less animal foods.
Truly, they are a gift of nature: they are rich in #proteins, #vitamins, #mineralsalts, #fibers and #sugars, #poliunsaturatedfats e #unsaturatedfats.
They are able to lower blood cholesterol levels, promote intestinal transit and they even help us to reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome.
Thanks to arginine -an amino acid essential for the structure that covers the muscles called the endothelium- they play an important and proven effectiveness in preventing cardiovascular diseases and arteriosclerosis.
The consumption of 30 grams of dried nuts per day is most effective if associated with a well thought out diet mainly based on vegetables and whole food; to prevent cardiovascular events, this is more helpful than a low-fat diet.
We just have to keep in mind that they have a high caloric intake, but if we structure our food intake during the week, this is not a problem; we just need to know how to manage it.
The guidelines for a healthy diet tell us that 30 grams a day are really healthy, and if we limit the consumption of animal fats we may eat even more.
You can either eat nuts as a snack or as an addition to main courses: they have many nutritional benefits!
They contain unsaturated fats: easy to digest they are in vegetal oils as olive, soy and corn oil, as well as cod liver oil.
Well known #omega3 and #omega6 found in fish, are also present in nuts and are powerful anti-inflammatory as well as help to increase blood fluidity, protect brain cells, contribute to lower triglycerides.
Saturated fats, instead, are in animal fat, especially in lard, margarine, cheese and eggs.
It's better to eat nuts with their skin: it contains polyphenols, which are molecules with a strong antioxidant effect and help prevent cancer, cardiovascular- and many chronic-degenerative diseases, which are among the diseases of the future, along with diabetes.

Almonds are a real source of calcium: 30 gr per day supply the daily recommended amount of calcium and they are also rich in fibers, vitamins of D & E group.
With Vento we can make a delicious almonds butter, using big quantities of this nuts, chopping into a thin powder that will become cream.
Saving money, we can prepare both a cream for our breaks and an amazing butter to cream our risotto, make a dessert or flavor vegetables.
It can be stored into the fridge, in an hermetic jar up to two weeks.

Hazelnuts are rich in omega3 and omega6, that help preventing cardiovascular diseases.
Their regular consumption allows to lower “bad” cholesterol levels and increase “good” ones, as well as being anti-inflammatory and anti-viral.

Walnuts, thanks to their energy and their natural salts content, help us in the change of season. They have a great content of natural fats (more than 60%), antioxidants and vitamin E.
The percentage of Italians who suffer from hypercholesterolemia, ie the high cholesterol in the blood is about 38%.
LDL, the so-called bad cholesterol, remains on the walls of our arteries, while HDL, the good one, does not cause any damage to our vessels. The consumption of walnuts in a balanced diet helps to remove LDL cholesterol from vessel walls, transporting it to the liver.

About nutrition and health, it is impossible not to mention them.
As any vegetal food, pistachio nuts do not contain bad cholesterol and are rich in polyphenols, antioxidants.
They are very energetic and the amount of iron is recommended for those suffering from anemia.

There are lots of seeds that can be used in the kitchen for their taste and their nutritional characteristics.
Sesame seeds, for example, are very important.
They are also indicated as a supplement for children: seeds are a source of phosphorus, calcium and unsaturated fatty acids.
They contain a mix of substances which protect our cells from aging and regulate lipid levels in our blood.
With Vento we can prepare the famous Tahin sauce made with sesame seeds and olive oil, spread throughout the Middle East cuisine.
It is thick and spreadable, has a unique taste and can be used on toast, on crostini, to flavor vegetables, grains and legumes.
It can be diluted with vegetable milk and thus become an excellent vegetable sauce; while mixing 3 tablespoons of sauce with 3 parts of water, chopped parsley and lemon juice we get a dressing with a unique taste.
If we want to prepare it with Vento, we will get a fine cream. We proceed thus: toast sesame seeds in a pan on low heat. A few minutes will be enough; be careful not to burn them. Once cooled, chop with Vento, adding 3 tablespoons of olive oil every 200 grams of sesame.
Continue to blend until the sauce will not be smooth and homogeneous; with Vento, everything is possible.